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gaming robot

GEIO is the first consumer gaming robot equipped with an intelligent visual recognition system. Due to its high-speed mobility and flexible biaxial battery, more game modes become feasible.Its arrival has added a powerful long-range unit to the [mechanized battlefield]. Its small size does, however, not impact its power.


FPV Gaming Experience

GEIO is endowed with "vision", to attack the enemy accurately through First Person View

Multiple Gameplays

Single-player, two-player or multi-player mode, team up to compete face to face.


Program your GEIO robot with the graphical coding, improving your logical thinking and creativity in the game.

Extreme Control

With high speed omnidirectional chassis and smart turret, GEIO possesses the ultimate sense of control.

Intelligent Recognition

Face recognition, enemy and totem detection with GEIO camera and sensors, upgrades your gaming experience

AR Game

Augmented reality features, make any open ground your battle field

APP update

The GEIO APP requires devices that support 5GHz Wi-Fi.

iOS 11.0 or higher, Android 5.0 or higher


Be the first to reach the finish line!


Dodge, aim, and attack-it's an all-out robot battle!


Use motion sensing controls and clobber your enemies!


Record the world from the eyes of a robot!

Treasure Snatch

Scan totems to get the treasure and hold it as long as you can!

Augmented Reality

Engage in exciting virtual games with real robots!~


Control robot actions through graphic programming!

Free Drive

Take your robot for a spin!

Race Battle Knight Explore Treasure Snatch Augmented Reality Programming Free Drive

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Teach Through Lively Activities

Integrate entertainment and education, and let your children master basic programming knowledge in a happy game.

Easy To Use

Use the most popular graphical programming methods to make programming easy to understand.

Family Education

Let GEIO be the bridge between parents and children, and use programming games to make parents and children more intimate. At the same time, the initial education of the child can be completed at home.

Teach Through Lively Activities Easy To Use Family Education

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